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“We have been working with Expression for Growth for a number of years and our experience has been universally positive; their trainers are all highly engaging, and as they are all experienced business people who have “done the job”, the development that they do with us really works well. Their ideas are packaged in a simple-to-understand and easy-to-apply manner, meaning that participants have a great set of tools and skills to use in the real world. Their training style is easy to engage being, upbeat, stretching and totally tailored to the participants’ environment. The practical activity is based in the “real world” and the participants are able to work on their own customer issues, giving them confidence when they get back in the work place.

In brief, the combination of common sense, easy to remember processes and skills, delivered by passionate, credible facilitators makes for compelling training solutions that make a difference in the real world.”

Managing Sales Director

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